This amazingly moving reflection was posted on Instagram by Kenedi H., a 2018 GIRLGO soror, on her experience in Italy ?

This time last year I came back from the experience of a lifetime . I was exhausted but I was fulfilled and relaxed in so many ways. When I think about the experiences I had seeing ancient sites or trying new and beautiful foods -I smile. On the surface those are the things every tourist expects to encounter when they travel somewhere. But what I did not expect was the joy I found within my innermost being while I was there. I met new international friends and felt peace in the quiet and beautiful hills ,mountains, beaches, cliffs , and waters of ITALIA!

I will never forget my experiences there because they are ingrained in my heart like a beautiful memory that’s only a daydream away. Italy you helped grow me – and you helped show me the potential I have even as a black girl in America. You showed me strong entrepreneurs chasing their passions and dreams even when it’s unheard of or uncommon. You showed me the potential I have to build a community if I put my mind and body in the right space to build organic relationships . You helped show me the common decency we have as humans- that we really are more alike than different if we only step back or lean in to see it . You showed me a life I never would have dreamed of otherwise. I miss you and love you,

Soon after Kenedi posted this reflection on Instagram, she embarked upon a 10-day summer experience in Dubai. She is a senior in high school this year and reaching for higher heights, in academics, community service and travel. And we at GIRLGO are so proud of her and all of our 2018 girls. GO Kenedi, GO!